Multilingual SEO

Apart from English, the World Wide Web is currently accessible in a host of other languages, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese to name a few. The presence of countless websites in so many languages is a blessing for web users who speak a specific language, because they can now easily look for any information, product or service in their own mother tongue and have an enjoyable browsing experience. As a result, the significance of non-English websites is at its peak.

It is a matter of great surprise for countless individuals that there is a huge online market for any product or service beyond the English-speaking regions. Actually, English is a language spoken by a mere 30% of the total world population. So, if your SEO campaign is solely revolving around English, you're missing out on the moneymaking opportunities provided by 70% of non-English speaking people. Every day, localized search engines in Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian witness massive search volumes for any product or service, on a par with English-based search engines. Google, the premier search engine, is now offering information in almost all languages apart from English.

Prominent Features of Our Multilingual SEO Service

  1. Thorough research and analysis of your target markets, business, internet site, content and strong competitors.
  2. Selection of the most profitable set of keywords after undertaking an in-depth keyword research and analysis process.
  3. Localization of keywords to match the applicable languages and marketplaces.
  4. Placement of finalized keywords into the Meta elements, headings and content of the website.
  5. Creation of unique, informative and convincing content for promotion in particular languages.
  6. Generation of back links from relevant online sources.
  7. Delivery of regular reports containing keyword rankings, total number of back links, traffic volume, etc. to clients.

Benefits of Our Service

  1. Significant improvement in web visibility and brand popularity.
  2. Top ten rankings of keywords in language-based search engines.
  3. Large amount of traffic from target markets.
  4. Faultless creation of content in different languages.
  5. Expertise and experience in handling linguistic SEO projects successfully.
  6. Reasonable service charges to suit the budget of various sizes of businesses.

Prefered Payment Options